X-ACTO Spira Electric Pencil Sharpener (1752) Review

X-ACTO Spira Electric Pencil Sharpener (1752) ReviewX-ACTO Spira Electric Pencil Sharpener, Black (1752) Review

The X-ACTO Spira Electric Pencil Sharpener (1752) is an electric pencil sharpener that has been designed to please the eye of the beholder with its attractive look. But a fancy design is not the only thing that makes this sharpener worth your money. This pencil sharpener has the ability to offer you sharp and smooth pencil tips, just perfect for you to use them.

Product Overview

The X-ACTO Spira Electric Pencil Sharpener (1752) is an elegant sharpener that goes perfectly with your home or office, occupying little space thanks to its vertical orientation. In this way, you will always have the sharpener at your hand, but you won’t be bothered by it.

The heavy duty motor with which the sharpener is designed is very quiet while running, providing no disruptions for the people near you. This is how you can get fast and quiet sharpened pencils. Furthermore, the Pencil Saver technology will also allow you to expand your pencils’ life for it prevents over sharpening.

Because of its contemporary design, the X-ACTO Spira Electric Pencil Sharpener, Black (1752) has a trapdoor at the base that opens to a large shaving receptacle which can be easily emptied. All you have to do is press the button and you can dispose of the shavings. Also, the sharpener will not function as long as the shavings container is not in place.

One of the most important features of this sharpener is represented by the X-ACTO helical steel cutter that is the key point to providing sharp and smooth pencil tips every time you use it. Click here to read a full description.

Key Features of the X-ACTO Spira Electric Pencil Sharpener (1752)

  • It has a heavy duty motor that operates silently
  • It is designed with helical steel cutter that keeps the points sharp and smooth
  • It has a button that allows you access to the shavings receptacle
  • It is designed with a Pencil Saver technology that prevents over sharpening
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty

Customer Reviews of X-ACTO Spira Electric Pencil Sharpener (1752)X-ACTO Spira Electric Pencil Sharpener (1752) Review

The overall customer reviews for this product are positive. Many declare that are very pleased with it and that the elegant design adds a plus to their working environment, for it does not look like a normal pencil sharpener. Nonetheless, there are some customers that complained that the sharpening is uneven and that the pencils get shorter quite fast. The X-ACTO (1752) has been reviewed by 54 customers on Amazon and has a great customer rating of 3.9 out of 5. Click here to read more customer reviews.

“….I like the shape of this sharpener, and it does a good job. Too many of the sharpeners grind the pencil down to nothing and the point breaks off the first time you use it. This one doesn’t…..”

Amazon Customer Review

“This sharpener is better than I anticipated, both how it looks and how it works. I bought it to use with colored pencils and I am very satisfied. The trick is to not press too hard…it is not necessary!…”

Amazon Customer Review


The sharpener has great features like the Pencil Saver technology and the silent heavy duty motor that provides sharp and smooth pencil tips at any time. Furthermore, the elegant design saves you desktop space and also offers a pleasurable view.


There were customers who found that the sharpener could have been more effective if it had more holes to fit different pencil sizes.


All in all, the X-ACTO Spira Electric Pencil Sharpener (1752) is affordable and has all the features that a normal sharpener needs. It also comes with a design that makes you enjoy the delivered results even more. I highly recommend this sharpener if you want something that delivers and that also looks good. Click here for the latest prices, ratings and customer reviews.

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