School Smart Vertical Pencil Sharpener Review

School Smart Vertical Pencil Sharpener Review

School Smart Vertical Pencil Sharpener - 6 x 4 inches - ElectricThe School Smart Vertical Pencil Sharpener – 6 x 4 inches – Electric is a pencil sharpener that is perfect for both business and home use. Modern designed, this sharpener has a helical steel blade that sharpens your pencils perfectly.

To make things better, the product is also designed with an auto pencil stop which allows you to remove the pencil when the tip is just right for use.

Key Features

  • It is designed with a helical steel blade and an auto stop for perfect pencil tips
  • It has a heavy duty motor that makes the sharpener fast and effective
  • It includes a large and transparent shaving receptacle
  • Perfect for use at home, classroom or office
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School Smart Vertical Pencil Sharpener - 6 x 4 inches - ElectricThe School Smart Vertical Pencil Sharpener is available as a single unit and it represents a quick and effective way to have your pencils perfect for writing. Thanks to its blade and auto stop you will no longer have to remove the pencil several times to check if the tip of the pencil is perfect or needs extra sharpening.

Featuring one hole and a heavy duty motor, you can be sure that your pencils are in good care, for their tip will never look as perfect. Thanks to the large shaving receptacle that it is equipped with, you will not have to worry that you will have to clean the sharpener after every use.

The School Smart Vertical Pencil Sharpener is also designed to be user friendly, having non-skid rubber pads that provide a stable operation of the sharpener. Moreover, the sharpener cannot be used if the shaving receptacle is removed, thus you do not have to worry that you might accidentally use the sharpener without it and make a mess on your table.

Customer Reviews and Rating

The amount of positive reviews that the School Smart Vertical Pencil Sharpener has proves that this product is a very powerful and effective pencil sharpener. Most customers say that the resulted tip is perfectly sharpened. It has a great auto stop feature, when the sound changes the pencil is done. Many are impressed by its sleek looking design allowing it to sit well on any desk.

The School Smart has been reviewed by over 1900 customers on Amazon and has an impressive customer rating of 4.5 stars out of 5.0.

“I’m very pleased with this pencil sharpener! It feels sturdy and strong and it sharpens any pencil in seconds. I think this is the best sharpener I have ever used in my life!”

Originalwombman, Amazon Customer Review

“We have been through countless pencil sharpeners….ALL of them JUNK! This sharpener is powerful, and it quickly sharpens pencils to a PERFECT point. Don’t waste your time with any other sharpener. The one negative review about the shavings making a mess is a joke. We don’t have any problems emptying this sharpener. Buy this one!”

Kristin Fulgenzi, Amazon Customer Review

Solid, well made, and exceeded my expectations. Which is hard to do as the cost caused me to raise the bar pretty high.

Sharpens new and old pencils very well. I like the auto blade stop function that will not let you over sharpen. Motor is strong and will not bog down like my old sharpener. I bought this for our home and for the kids homework. Don’t struggle with a cheapo, this will let you sharpen and move on.

American, Amazon Customer Review

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  • The unit’s helical steel blade and auto stop are ideal for obtaining perfect sharp pencil tips.
  • The shaving receptacle is large and easy to remove for cleaning purposes.
  • The sharpener is affordable making it perfect for home, classroom or office use.


  • A few customers complained that their unit didn’t work as expected and that the cuts were uneven.


All in all, the School Smart Vertical Pencil Sharpener is perfect for those who don’t have time to waste using classical sharpeners.

It is not expensive and it helps you save time and have perfect pencil tips whenever you need it. It sharpens pencils very fast and sharply. I would definitely recommend this for teachers. Click here to see the latest rating and price on Amazon.


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