Kikkerland Camera Pencil Sharpener, Black (SC12) Review

Kikkerland Camera Pencil SharpenerKikkerland Camera Pencil Sharpener, Black (SC12) Review

The Kikkerland Camera Pencil Sharpener, Black (SC12) is a fantastic manual sharpener that can be adjusted to fit almost every pencil size so that you can have every pencil of yours, big or small, with a nice and sharp tip.

Moreover, you can enjoy the similarity of its aspect with a camera and have fun while doing such a basic activity like pencil sharpening.

Key Features

  • The sharpener has a compact size of 4 x 4.5 x 2.75 inches and weighs only 7 ounces
  • It is made out of plastic
  • It is designed with an adjustable sharpness knob
  • It has a shavings pull-out tray

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The sharpener is great for those who prefer to do things manually, that don’t rely on electricity, thanks to its great features, like the unique camera design and the adjustable sharpness knob. Nonetheless, the sharpener has a great price and it does the job very well and very fast.


There were customers that claimed that the product does not sharpen pencils as they expected to or that it began making crooked pencils after a while.


The Kikkerland Camera Pencil Sharpener, Black (SC12) is one of the best bargains you can get when it comes to pencil sharpeners. Affordable and practical, this sharpener can make your pencils sharp regardless of their widths, for it is designed so that it can fit a variety of pencil sizes.

Its compact size (4 x 4.5 x 2.75 inches) will occupy little space on your desk, which means that you can have it at an arm’s length, if you need to use it frequently, but at the same time you won’t feel that it’s in your way.

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Because it is so light (it weighs only 7 ounces) you won’t even notice when you pick it up to throw out the shavings from the shavings pull-out tray with which the sharpener is equipped. It will only take a few moments to empty the tray and use the sharpener again. And thanks to the special lens, you can sneak peek into to see if you need to get rid of the shavings or not.

The adjustable sharpness knob allows you to control the shape of the cone. Although it seems a bit complicated, it is actually really easy to use and the camera aspect is really ingenious for a pencil sharpener.

Customer Reviews and Rating

The overall customers’ reviews for this item are positive. Users claimed that they are happy with it, that they like the way it sharpens pencils, and that it can sharpen different pencil sizes very well. Still, while some are pleased, some are not. The device is portable and light enough to be carried around.

The sharpener has a spring loaded part that both grips the pencil and then pushes it into the unit. You only have to hold the sharpener steady and turn the handle.Those who were not that satisfied claimed that the item is too complicated for children to use and that it takes time to figure out how the sharpener really works.

The SC12 has been reviewed by 123 customers on Amazon and has an impressive customer rating of 4.2 out of 5.0

“This little box sharpens pencils so precisely that I had to turn down the point so that it was a little rounder for my children (they press so hard that the point as set broke immediately. The adjustable pencil hold was able to sharpen some larger diameter pencils that wouldn’t fit in our previous machine. You can’t over-sharpen and loose valuable pencil length and the drawer is easy to remove and empty of shavings…..”

Amazon Customer Review

“Best thing about this sharpener is that it sharpens in all sizes. I have a color pencils that are thick and varies in different sizes in my class and this sharpener can cut em all. You can also control the sharpness of the pencil by the adjusting this knob on the back. this is important to me because my students won’t be breaking so much of the pencils if i dull out the edge of the pencil. It’s also small enough to carry around just about anywhere….”

Amazon Customer Review

Kikkerland Camera Pencil SharpenerSummary

All in all, this manual pencil sharpener comes at a great price and can deliver the results that anyone would expect from a manual pencil sharpener. Moreover, the unique design gives extra points to the sharpener and that is why I recommend buying this sharpener if you like sharpening your pencils in a traditional way, but with a modern touch.

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